Sunday, October 14, 2007

tribute to autumn

There have been lots of things to make this years's Fall eventful and really beautiful. The kick off probably started with the Utah State Fair. Gosh! I will never get too old to eat funnel cakes and pet goats. And what is it that is so captivating about old people square dancing in folksy tutus and cowboy boots? It is almost like watching a migration of co-ed aquasizers move with the season from the pool to the dance floor. There is something beautifully absurd about it.

And those of you Provo peeps, have you taken an autumn pilgrimage up Rock Canyon yet? It is something great. The colors get as rich and overwhelming as a yellow orange forest where you could be sung to a 'O Brother Where Art Thou ' baptism. I just got back from another trip up there where I collected oak and maple leaves for my students. I can't wait for them to do their leaf rubbings or outline them with crayons then watercolor the rest until the paper crinkles when it dries. If I had another month and there weren't so many aphid infested trees we would do a lesson on Caulder and make leaf mobiles.

I can't stop with making soups and ciders either. Winter squash and green apple bisque was one of my favorites. The grape cider was more of an improv when we boiled the grapes with too much water that we had to add mulling spices to give it more depth of flavor. It was perfect for our tea party. We served it with pop tarts and cinnamon tea and the compliments given on the flavor were no match to how proud I was of the color.

What else makes for a good rite or ritual of Fall?


eped said...

so, wait. you ate pet goats?

jo said...

a good ol' fashioned camomile tea and a read.

T.R. said...

-bike ride
-haunted house!
-scary movie (but not "scary movie")
-griping about the christmas stuff already being in stores
-caramel apple
-pumpkin carve-nival

Matt said...

i like your blog cate.

kel said...

a canyon hike followed by chili and cornbread (pronounced cahrnbread)

Loki said...

Freshly made apple cider, and small pastry strips made of pie crust extras sprinkled with cinnamon.

McDirty said...

sobbing silently in my room.

Todd and Joy said...

update your blog

Sarah said...

Rock Canyon never looked so good. Oh the memories...Fall will always remind me of cross country, good birthdays, a new school year, haunted houses (oh what joy), corn mazes, caramel apples :), and a carrot cake covered in candy corn. I'm glad you pass on your love of nature and the season to your students.