Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is Sprunging!

And with that came some good kite flying wind. Earlier in the week I made kites with the teens, NonfictioninFiction has more on that, and it got me anxious to do some kite flying myself. And so we did, with a handful of friends. Our traditional diamond kites were fine enough in the wind, with some attention and finesse, but nothing compared to our friend's Hornet Kite. He had gotten it as a birthday gift several years before and had yet to try it out. It was magnificent.
Watching it made me want to invest several hundred dollars into an awesome kite. Who knew how cool life could be, spending an afternoon with a Hornet Kite!

Still, with good company, flying $5.00 kite can prove to be most gratifying as well.

Three cheers for balmy transitional seasons! With the fresh and sunny weather, everything is taking on a new kind of pleasurable these days.

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