Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Decree for Tea!

Who knew I would find my match to themed parties in Austin? This week I received a formal invitation from my Amherst pool pals to attend The Queen of Hearts Tea Party. My invite came on the back of a playing card. It was cordial but to the point: "Don't be late for the important date! You are invited to tea with the High Queen. Be there or it's off with your head!"

In honor of the event, I wore my best hat with my favorite scarves and made Off With His Head Tarts! They were well received, even by The Queen herself. Of course, the event was well catered and I had two mugs of tea along with black and white finger sandwiches.

That woman is demanding but she throws a party with such class!

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Laurie said...

A warm pig (cat) belly for her ankles! That was my favorite part of that very weird Alice in Wonderland.

Also, Adam bought me a cake dome for Valentine's Day and I instantly thought of you. You are such a class act.