Saturday, October 4, 2008

GRE scheduled for Dec 6

Right before I signed up last Saturday I took a verbal practice test. I did fine, I think, for a first time but I can't help counting on the non-competative nature of library science schools to calm my admissions-thoughts. Given the choice what would you guess about me and tests?

Cate : Computer Adaptive Standardized Tests

A. Peas : Carrots

B. Andy Rooney : Misanthrop

C. Humanities Undergraduate Degree : Lucrative

D. Michael Moore : Weight Watchers

E. Black Cats : Augury

Could it be true that I the most in common with Michael Moore and his eating habits when it comes to test taking abilities? I don't know. Maybe you have a better idea of the relationship between the stem pair...


Lacey said...

Cate, you are going to do AWESOME.

*For real*

(It means more because I put the asterisk by it)

eped said...

-dry heaves-

Kurt&Lori said... are smart and no doubt will KILL the GRE. Just tank up on some of the good ol' Texas BBQ before you go to give your brain plenty of calories to burn while you take the test. Nothing worse then trying to take a test on an empty stomach. Good excuse to eat BBQ too.

linny said...

Go Cate Go! You will do great.

natalie said...

good luck!! You can totally ace it Cate :p

Cathryn said...

You will do GREAT! Plus, Library Science school is so cool, my roommate did it and I am kind of wishing I had. Now she works as a librarian for the CIA, cataloging super spy secrets!

allyson elizabeth said...

Yeah...I might be more motivated to study for the GRE if I had a date set. Perhaps this has inspired me to set a date!