Sunday, April 27, 2008


So I think our friend Lance should look into freelance napkin/towel folding for cruise ships. He could be like the clown rented out for kids parties but instead of balloons he could use napkins. Matt and I could not get anything to work from our napkin folding book without getting out our iron and a bottle of starch. But well, whenever we're in a bind to get some napkins folded into something neat looking...we know who to call.

But I did have success with my cream puff making earlier this month. I was sure they wouldn't turn out but when I opened up the oven those dough lumps had puffed themselves up into a golden Real Simple cover....if I do say so myself.


Lance and Jen said...

Thanks for letting us come over guys, apart from having a lot of fun I also learned that I have a new talent and passion in life- Napkinigami!! Thank you so much!

Todd and Joy said...

Yummy. You guys should move up to Rexburg. I'll take out a loan and pay you to cook for me.:)

natalie said...

oh that is a beautiful folded napkin! And your creme puffs look delicious!